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Blog Post #2

Hey everyone! So I'm feeling pretty comfortable with HTML5/CSS3 and bootstrap now. I believe that this site showcases that I have a knowledge of it now.

So, what's next? Well there are two projects in mind that I want to start working on. First, I want to make a muppet because muppets are cool. And it would bring me a little back to my childhood. I remember watching re-runs of the muppet show and Fraggle Rock when I was a kid. Whatever happened to Fraggle Rock? Anyway, I just think it would be fun to do.

The second thing I'm going to start focusing on is learning some more web coding languages. Like .Net or PHP. I have some time to do this now, and I feel it would be a great asset to my ever growing skill set. Again please enjoy your visit.

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Blog Post #1

Hey everyone! Welcome to my website and my blog. This is where I'll be blogging about what ever it is that I'm working on or some of my interests and hobbies.

I'm currently working to learn the Bootstrap 3.0 framework. And, I'm planning on using that knowledge to revamping my entire site as soon as I can ('cause it looks cool).

But, once all this boring web coding stuff is updated, I'm going to get right back to generating graphics. So until then please enjoy!

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